Hi Trevor,

Interesting observation and assessment of the word serve. When I first started developing as a medium my guides just warned me against not including both sides in how it works. Some people let their own ego's get in the way and think they are something special. So not everyone can be a medium you have to have special powers like you belong to an elite group only !!!

Don't lose your credibility by acting like some spooky strange person who has lost the plot on reality either by over sharing or trying to convert people who aren't ready to accept any spiritual teachings yet or ever !!!

That we don't put the spirit side on a massive pedestal and we serve them which also isn't what they desire.

You need to balance everything in your mind as this relationship takes both sides to make it work.

So they told me to think of it as a team effort for both sides have to learn how to make the communication work out in the optimum conditions.

I always thank spirit for working with me in whatever capacity. I always thank the recipient after a message too. After a devine service I always stress that it takes effort on both sides to make it work along with the recipients of the messages. A triangle 🔺️ of spirit, medium, and recipients otherwise how can the messages ever be validated ??

I think the recipients value being included in the process and will return again and again to church or a private reading knowing their loved ones want to communicate with them out of love and family bonds.

However not all mediums end their services in similar ways it's an individual thing.

Thank you for raising the point it is a good one to debate and find out how others feel.

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I’ve never said I “serve” Spirit, I always say I work ‘with’ Spirit.

Equally, I never refer to ‘my guides’, they are my friends and Co-workers.

All we do with Spirit, is done in partnership. They do not guide us. We have free will. They do assist us, when asked and they can inspire us in much the same way as our friends and family here inspire us.

Thank you for this thought provoking article, Trevor.

Ps yes, you should get out more and take your lovely Jane with you.

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